Thursday, May 31, 2012

How To Spruce Up Your Office Space Without Spending A Lot

Is your company outgrowing your small office space? If you are like so many businesses who would like to repair their office space or move into a new one but can't financially do so, or get the line of credit necessary to make these changes due to the economic climate, there are other options for you. Here are give ways to improve your office space right now.

1. Shop Discounted Stores, Online Deals or Thrift Stores For Great Steals on Furniture, Cubicles and Dcor -including Paint
If you have ever scanned online discount stores, auction houses or craigslist's in the free section you would be amazed at what you can find! Entire office furniture sets for less than half their retail price or free! Paint, doors, carpet and even art is all available online for complete deals. Thrift stores, garage sales and warehouse stores are all great places to look for great furniture at rates you can afford. Even though you can't afford to get a new office space and furniture now, you can get pretty close to it and at least get what you need.

2. Initiate a Work Clean Up Party
So you cannot hire a cleaning service, painters or carpenters to help remodel your office but that doesn't mean you can't spruce things up with the resources you have at hand. Have a mandatory cleaning party at work. Pay your employees, provide lunch and drinks and crank up the music. Draw names for cleaning duties or separate yourself into cleaning teams. With some positive energy and dome good elbow grease, you can have a shiny new office space in no time!

3. Out of Space? Allow People to Work at Home
If your staff is growing and your office is shrinking- the desire to relocate may be strong, but since credit lending isn't exactly happening right now, you may have to think of creative ways to use your space. Doubling up two people to an office may sound like a good idea, but offering the chance for people to work from home is not just a great idea for desk sharing, your employees will appreciate the offer as well.

4. Too Much Stuff? Throw it Out
One of the easiest ways to appreciate your office and make a big change for the better is to throw out what you don't need. Broken doors, broken cubicles, torn furniture and clutter can immediately make a manageable office intolerable. Borrow or rent a truck and get rid of all your useless stuff! It's just taking up space that could be used for so many other things. Don't forget, many of those things you want to throw away could be recycled or donated.

5. Trade Services
Does your business have a service or product you could trade in return for painting, carpentry or new desks? Perhaps your marketing services, hotel or travel services or free cases of your energy drink that you produce could be in exchange for another company's painting, carpet or landscaping services.

It's possible that moving to a new office space isn't foreseeable any time soon, since you are trying just to keep the lights on in the one you are currently occupying. There are plenty of things you can do to make due with your office space today while you while wait for things to change financially tomorrow.

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